Flying Robot Ideas


With no expansion limit in Tower Takeover, we got to do Blimp!


You could store helium or hydrogen in the pneumatic tanks. Then inflate it at the beginning of the game.

It will take like until February to build light inflatable hull. Then we will still have a week to think about the game strategy before the regionals.


And I thought that water game was a meme…


US Navy blimp in the air…


Blimps could easily defeat any wall bot!

And … HugeUmbrellaBot - will cover all Towers at once and protect you from falling water, blimps, and opposing alliance cubes!


ummm so what you all are saying is make a plexiglass container, fill it with helium, and do what??? blimps are mostly for advertising not picking up ups boxes.



I agree, especially since your robot will weigh at least 5 pounds with all the gearing and components. Since your drone isn’t advanced enough, it is more likely than not that a small tap or gust will send your drone spiralling out of control

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As someone who has reffed a few competitions, a blimp is the only flying robot that I would pass in inspection. Provided it is Helium. Hydrogen is dangerous. But, to my knowledge, pneumatics can be whatever gas.


I believe it has been specified in the past that pneumatics must be pressurized with “standard earth air” or something to that effect.

I’m no physicist, but to rise, something must fall. Unless you drop your reservoir once it is empty (illegal) you aren’t getting off the ground.

the air falls, if you increase volume without increasing mass, which is what happens with a Roblimp^TM, than it will rise because of buoyancy.

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Can someone move this to chit-chat or rumor mill?

you could leave the pneumatic cylinder on the ground, tethered to the blimp above, as well as the brain, and battery for weight reduction. new meta, stacking bot tethered to a tower scoring blimp? 4 motor drive, 1 motor intake, 1 motor lift, 1 motor blimp propeller, 1 motor tether cable car to transport cubes from the floor to the blimp.

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A cable car. Now that is an idea.

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Helium is present in the air.
When we fill our air tanks we will be very picky which “air” molecules we choose.


Marry Poppins bot. That’s all.

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That is not fair, that you beat me to posting this idea! :angry:

I was thinking about it first, after the HugeUmbrellaBot! :open_umbrella:

But I still haven’t figured out how to solve the wind problem.

You need certain wind direction for Mary Poppins to fly and most cometitions are indoor…

I had the exact same thought process tho :sweat_smile:

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This (a flying robot) is a violation of R1.

Subsystem 1: Mobile robotic base including wheels, tracks, legs, or any other mechanism that allows the robot to navigate the majority of the flat playing field surface.

It is fun to think about, but not legal


Well, you can put wheels on and give it the ability to drive, but it can still fly.