Flywheel addition

I am trying to add a flywheel and an intake to my robot. It has a double reverse 4 bar with a rotating claw. If anyone has any ideas on how to add the flywheel, please let me know.

A lot of teams have their flywheel behind their short-ish DR4B

Could you post pictures of your robot, and are you asking where a flywheel should be placed or how your flywheel should be built?

Sorry. I had to leave and got cut off on my other post.

Really, just search for robot reveals. This type of setup isn’t uncommon at all.

However, I would highly recommend that in the future, you don’t plan to “add on somehow” without having a rough plan. Pictures will be very helpful. If you look through other threads with similar questions, people usually ask for pictures. :slight_smile:

a convenient playlist. Watch update 6/7.