Flywheel and shooting

I just got done making my flywheel and I used one wheel with 2 motors like most people, and I go to shoot it and every time the disk goes right about 8 inches. The disk always goes to the side the flywheel is one and other people with the same setup don’t have this issue. Do I have to put 2 wheels on it and run motors on both sides or is there a way to make it go straight and I’m just missing it.

For the range issues it might be that you don’t have enough compression on your flywheel.

Im not quite sure what you mean by this but one wheel flywheels produce spin on the disc so its trajectory will be affected by the spin. Adding a softer durometer flexwheel, or add more compliance another way reduces spin. Double flywheels also reduce spin (and are very viable) but inherently use more motors have more friction. We just shoot at the high goal a little to the right and the disc goes in.

Based on the disc always going to the side the flywheels on, my bet is actually that you have too much compression. This sudden deceleration of the flywheel will cause the disc to shoot out to that side. I believe this is because the disc compresses a bit, and once its past the flywheel, it re-expands pushing off the wall and going to the side the flywheel is on. That’s just my guess though, I could be entirely off base.

I’ll also ask, what is the rpm/gear ratio of your flywheel? range issues could also be caused by having a flywheel with insufficient speed

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My flywheel is about 3000rpm

The compression and rpm may be the leading factors in the speed, as @Halcyon stated since the disc is compressing and pushing off the wall then the two may be correlated as it is losing momentum pushing off the wall, however, I would focus on getting straight first then work on speed. If it is possible can we see a picture/ video of the problem?