Flywheel Assistance

My team is working on a flywheel for Turning Point ball launcher. However, it is not working well (ball is not moving far or fast enough). There have been several suggestions floating around:

  1. Put in a counter-rotating wheel
  2. Add some elastic bands to add traction/‘squishiness’
  3. Stop while you can, and build a catapult.

Please give your input. We are using a 35:1 ratio, with one motor.
Please note that we have made the wheels hug the ball a bit less tight - yielded some improvement, nothing significant.

Thanks in advance.

you will probably need a second motor,we have the same gear ratio and will not nearly spin up to speed,also reduce as much friction as possible, grease helps very much.

1 motor is generally not enough for 35:1 ratio.

and also… do take care of the friction…

Hey, so I have a few pointers for you if you plan on making your flywheel work.

To make an effective flywheel this year, it is necessary to add compression. This isn’t “nothing but net”, the ball is hard, thus something in the system has to squish. I would suggest some anti-slip mat on the plate opposite the flywheel.

Additionally, you’ll need better traction on the wheels. I found 4in flat wheels with rubber bands on it working best.

Correct me if I’m right, but your flywheel would probably shoot directly up and inaccurately, you need to have a plate to channel the ball in the right direction, adding accuracy.

Best of luck!
PS- can one motor shoot the ball effectively? mine needed 3 and we have a lower gear ratio…