Flywheel average rpm and gear ratio

Hi i use a 2 motor flywheel with green cartridges and a 7:1 ratio but its not enough to launch the disk. What is the ideal gear ratio and rpm for a 2 green motor flywheel? (i dont have any blue cartridges) i also don’t have any flex wheels so i use a omni wheel with rubber bands.

If you have a 60t gear on the motor going to a 12t then on that axle a 36t going to the flywheel axle of another 12t, that would put you at 3000rpm which I think is a pretty good speed. I tried 3000 with a turbo and 5:1 and it worked, if you have 2motors it will definitely work

A good ratio on green motors would be a compound gear ratio of 84t gear meshing with a 36t with a 84t on the same axle meshing with a 12t. This gives you about 3200 rpm.


So more rpm is not always good?

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Not if your motors don’t have enough torque to support it. Balancing power and speed will give you better results than picking either alone.


Update: i did the mechanism. you suggested and it works great. Thank you alot!

At higher RPMs, the wheels go out of balance, vibrations start, and power usage on the motors go through the roof.

I’ve got a thread on this if you search for it.