Flywheel being inconsistent

Hi everyone!

I have a slight problem with my flywheel for vex IQ (slapshot). When my discs come out of the seesaw mechanism, they come at such a severe angle that they don’t get enough time to flatten out completely and so the flywheel jams. I see videos on youtube channels such as Helen LLL, and whenever they dump their discs into their flywheels, it goes in consistently. I there any way to make multiple discs go into the flywheel at once without all the discs getting jammed or reducing strength severely?

Shyam B

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While I haven’t built a flywheel shooter yet, I have had to solve this exact problem with our team’s hopper. The way we solved it is by flattening out the ramp right before the magazine (or in your case, the flywheel). If the disks have enough speed, the flat section should force them to go horizontal, and the flywheel should work as normal. Yet again, this may not work, and in that case, I would recommend just trying things that you would think could work. Trial and error is a big part in robotics. Good luck!

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Can you send some pictures?

What do you mean when you say “flattening out?”

Making the ramp parallel to the floor so the disks don’t enter at an angle