Flywheel Composition

I have seen in various case on a double flywheel where there is and isn’t a beam to cover the top of the ball. Does this back a noticeable difference?

I personally haven’t built one but I’m pretty sure the beam on top is to ensure the axles don’t bend outwards when firing. Keeps the wheels from coming apart so it helps keep a more consistent compression rate

The beam to cover the top of the flywheel can reduce vibrations caused by the flywheel, reducing energy loss, as well ensuring that the shafts do not bend outwards when a ball is launched, which would reduce the area of contact on the ball from the wheel, reducing the energy transferred and therefore does not allow the ball to travel as far.

However if your flywheel has a larger compression (spacing of less than 3.5 inches), it would probably be better without a beam, as a ball travelling in between the wheels would cause a very large current spike and overheat motors. Without the beam, less current would be drawn by the motors as the shaft would bend outwards, reducing the compression.

I don’t have a bar on top and it works great really, the bar tends to slow down the flywheels in my experience. We do occasionally have to replace bent axles but they are very very slightly bent. The balls don’t bend the axles that much. I don’t have any vibration problems either, if you have vibration it is because your gearing is not very solidly built and you should fix that before continuing to increase fire rate.