Flywheel Gearbox

I need to make my flywheel go faster,but IDK what kind of changes I need to make on this gear boxish thing

Check for friction. I didn’t check the ratios, but in most flywheels, speed is lost in friction.

Looks like you’re multiplying speed by 7 and then by 7/3, so by 49/3 overall. What internal gearing are you using? (I see the 393 motor.)

I don’t love how the gears are only supported on one side. Any trouble with gears skipping?

Grease will help.

grease, add supports to the opposing side, and that should help nicely.

make the motor high-speed

Axles must be supported by bearings on both sides. Grease the gears. Grease inside the bearings. Make sure the axles and gears are not bent. But most importantly the axles must be supported on both sides.

If the axles aren’t supported on both sides, you will have a lot of excess friction and greatly increase the chances of bending an axle.

The motors are already HS

@callen the gears are not skipping. They have support on both sides.

Could we possibly use a smaller gear beside the large gear spinning the flywheel? All I would need have to do is move the motor and gear below it up a little to touch it.

No, they do not have support on both sides unless the photo you posted isn’t of your robot. Note just how many people above made the same comment about supporting them on both sides. They’re supported on one side and the other side of the axle is just hanging out in the air.

All axles should be supported at two spots. For wheels, it can be OK for the two spots to be on the same side of the wheel. But gears are more sensitive. You really need to support the axle on each side of the gear. Look at the axle coming out of the motor. Presumably it goes through one bearing flat before reaching the large gear. That’s not even two spots on the same side, let alone on each side, just one spot. That’s not great for the motor and can cause lots of problems even if the gears aren’t skipping. It looks like the axle above it, the one to the pair of gears, probably also goes through only a single bearing flat. The axle from the pinion to the flywheel presumably goes through another outside the photograph. While it may seem like a good idea to have lots of points of support on that one, when you go past two points of support you can get a lot of extra friction if the points aren’t lined up really well.


393 at HS is 160 rpm max. 160 rpm x 49/3 = 2613 rpm, which is in the right ballpark, while keeping as much torque as possible. If you want to change the gear ratio, I would not go to x 7/1 x 7/1 for x49 speed, as that’s way faster than necessary and will thus reduce torque more than necessary. I would go with x 5/1 x 5/1 for x25 speed, for a max of 3500 rpm.

The day after his photo was taken and sent to me, I added a c-channel to support it on both sides. It was causing problems without he c-channel there for support

Have you noticed that half the comments made are about supporting the other ends of the axles based on what is shown in the photograph, and only now have you said the photograph isn’t correct? That just isn’t respectful of the time people have put into giving you advice.