Flywheel Guidance

Right now, my flywheel is having some issues. As you an see in the pictures, my flywheel is running a 5:1 gear ratio as well as a 600RPM cartridge within the motor. When I tested the motor, it only reaches to around 480RPM and not the maximum of 600RPM. As a result, the ball doesn’t go very far, around 4 feet to be exact. In my programming, I have the motor running at 100%. Is there anything I can change to the programming or the structure itself to get the ball to launch around 15


This is the programming…

reduce friction , use ball bearing and hs shafts is possible. and if you arent limeted on hte amount of motors just add some motors


Sadly, I don’t have any more motors, ball bearings, or high-strength shafts. Is there anything else I could possibly do?

In your testing, is the flywheel dropping speed significantly when the ball is shot?
If so, try moving the compression pad further away. If it isn’t really losing speed at all, try moving the compression pad closer. Also, make sure your spacing isn’t too tight, and try to reduce friction via lubricant, checking for any contact (ex: between the gears and the c-channels holding them), and making sure things are lined up.


You can use voltage. Just change the programming to motor.spin(directionType::fwd, 12, vex::volatgeUnits::volt);
It might be volts instead of volt, I’m not sure. Anyways, this should allow the motor to spin with more power. The only other thing I can recommend is increasing compression, which can be done by replacing my the nonslip mat with foam. Good luck with you flywheel though, I hope that my recommendations help.

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Try to reduce your friction by making sure all your shagts and bearings are properly alighmed

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change your velocity to 127 (might be a cortex solution lmk if i’m wrong)

There’s no reason to do this because the velocity units are percent. It’s likely a friction issue or you could try switching to spinning using volts.

yea mb i thought that was a vortex thing had to make sure