Flywheel help

Ok after testing our newest launcher it works good and we can shoot all 32 balls in a minute right now, but we know we can go faster but when we do our circuit in our power expander stops, indicated by the red flashing light then the green indicating that it recovered, but we know that that happens because when the ball goes through the fly wheel system it sends a huge voltage spike back into the motors do to how they work. What we want to know is how have yall fixed this or have yall encountered this? Our gear ratio is 9:1 with 2 turbos on each wheel and we know a ratcheting system could help this by having your motors stop for the little bit it takes to let the ball pass through then you start back up the motors but we want others opinions on this before we try to fix this because we do still work good just not good enough!
Thank you in advance guys

what we have done, is we have a ratchet system on our shooter, and we sensor directly before our shooter, and so the instant before a ball enters our shooter we turn off the motors, this way the ball is shot only by wheel momentum and there is no way to damage motors or cause a voltage spike

A 9:1 is plenty of external gearing for your launcher. We are running a 7:1 external gearing with turbo motors (16.8:1 overall ratio) and we overshoot with the motors running anywhere between 60-75 depending on how low the battery is. Maybe you should try to gear down your launcher a bit.

You could also try reducing friction and the amount of compression that your flywheel puts on the balls, so it won’t send back such a huge voltage spike.

What type of shooter dp you have: horizontal or vertical? And angle? Because we run 123 and we get just above the pole and i dont know angle of top of my head sorry, but we use 5 inch wheels and we barely compress the ball, i can get exact distance in-between wheels tomorrow. Also we have reduced all the friction we have to minimal or all the friction we can see.

i just use a 1:15 ratio with 4 torque motors and 3 of the 4 in traction wheels to power our flywheel. It is a vertical flywheel situated around 55 degrees and it seems fine. You might want to get rid of all friction potential places and put more mass on the wheels. the more mass on the wheels really help when you shoot and there is a spike. The added mass helps the spike from being so steep. Try adding to 5 in wheels on each side. This will also help with aligning the balls into the shooter correctly and consistently because there is will be a “dip” between the two wheels. Hope this helps:p

Your launcher should be shooting farther than mine because of the difference in wheel sizes and the ratio. I’m sure the compression is not enough, but you’re having problems with a voltage spike so I’m not sure of how to fix it. Could you post a picture of your launcher tomorrow?

I don’t remember our exact compression, but with just the wheels it barely compressed the balls. We used rubberbands to try to even out the compression. Ill post an old pic from when we were testing where we should have mounted the launcher, so it is a bit of a mess, as you can tell the launcher and intake are not secured and are at an angle in the picture :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok here is our launcher but we are looking into friction now to see how we could reduce it, also in the middle of the wheel where it compresses the most the wheels are 3.5 inches apart.
And thanks for all the help already guys!

Ok we changed our angle to 30 degrees instead of the 20 degree angle we used to have and we are shooting a lot farther due to a closer horizontal force and vertical force. We changed our motors down to 75-80 and we make it into the goal

Are you guys still having problems with a voltage spike?

No we can go as fast as we want with our shooter now once we get it up to speed, but thanks for helping!

You’re welcome! :smiley: