Flywheel Ideas for Turning Point

We are a middle school team playing Turning Point this year. We are looking for good 2-wheel Flywheel design. We are also wondering if after our first competition we should do a pneumatic puncher, if that is a good idea we’d be looking for good design ideas. Thanks for the ideas and help.

Try searching the Interweb for “vex nothing but net flywheel” and you will find a bunch of examples.

@TitanRey15 was working on a pneumatic puncher last time I talked to them. Looks promising if they can work out the last few kinks.
But, I’ve found that a slipgear puncher has more online examples if you don’t want to help venture to a new frontier.
A lot of teams are using single flywheels because it can be compact with their intake. A double flywheel will inherently take up more lateral space on your robot. Make sure you plan out your intake before you build much of anything. I’ve got a sister team who didn’t plan out their intake. They have a low cap bot now, but they are planning to upgrade.