flywheel issues

So my team has a flywheel but we are having trouble with accuracy. We’ve tried changing the encoder, changing some of the programing around, and changing motors out. None of it had done much. Any other suggestions?

Have you asked 974X? They have s similar concept flywheel and great accuracy.

Cyber brains have helped alot but we’re still having issues.

Are you guys having vertical or horizontal accuracy issues? Both?

You guys also have no tread left on your wheels meaning density is going to be a much bigger factor than if you had some rubber or grippy tread. I don’t like the 5 inch wheels with dual flywheels for this reason. I think the biggest factor for you guys though is inconsistent entrance angles.This thread seems to show this problem well and how they went about solving it.

Here is something I said in a private thread that I feel could be helpful here.

Let me know how else I can help.