Flywheel Jam problem

Our flywheel jams when we try to fire it, what might be the problem?

Could you send a video of it firing so we could see how it is jamming? Also if it is pressing too hard on the disc it may jam.


First of all, you need to space your gears out from the c-channel. It looks like they are rubbing it currently and that is a really bad issue.

Second of all, can you please send a video of your flywheel shooting so we can help better?

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Yes that was the problem but when we stop the pressure it starts vibrating. How can we stop it from vibrating?

Do you mean it jams when you try to activate it (spin the motors) ?

From the video you posted, it looks like you have the two motors rotating in the same direction. When they are linked by two gears directly, one of them has to rotate in a different direction.

Try reversing the rotation of one of the motors and try spinning it again.


We solved jam problem but this time it is not steady and vibrating. Can you check the second attachment aswell please.

You need support on the top of your wheel. Look at the attached picture:

You can see that there is a C-Channel on the top of the wheel supporting the axle.

Hope this helps!