Flywheel loses power

I have built a single flywheel shooter to make bar shots. After shooting a ball, it takes a second for the flywheel to get back to its set speed. I use bang-bang to control the velocity. Any ideas to decrease the “recharge” time?

Friction is your enemy … make sure rubber doesn’t touch metal if your using rubber collars, make sure spacing isn’t so tight were you can’t even move the spacer, look at drive shafts make sure there is bearing flats there so it doesn’t rub the metal that can cause a lot of friction.

Whats you gear ratio? Friction? Motor count?

Also check your compression rate, one thing I’ve noticed is if your compression is in one place and the hood continues past that spot the ball can shoot up and THEN hit another part of your hood… This wastes a lot of energy and can sometimes go unnoticed

The gear ration is 25:1 with two motors without turbo gears. I feel there is very little friction and there are bearing flats installed on all axles.

This is the gear ratio that I am using. Are you attempting to do bar shots or full court shots? What wheel are you using for the flywheel and how many? Mine is for bar shots, using 3 high torque motors, and works fine at about half speed. One thing that may also cause you an issue is the possibility of one of your motors actually not working. The first thing I would check is each individual motor, because I have had this problem before. Another thing is make sure that the gears have a little “wiggle room”, this will prevent them from being tight and causing unnecessary friction. Also make sure that all of the shafts that are being used are straighter than straight, because as ThomasXp said, friction is your enemy with a flywheel

I am trying to make bar shots and I use two 4inch wheels with some rubber bands. The motors have original gears that came with them, I’m assuming those are the high torque gears? All the motors work and I have added a third motor. It works better now and I am able to make 2 continuous shots, but I do want it to shot 4 bar shots continuosly.

i have the same problem. thanks for the ideas!!!

Oh ya that gear ratio with only two motors might have been a little too much. And yeah the original ones are high torque. To make more continuous shots you will have to mess with the compression of the flywheel to the hood. Another thing that might help is a Bang Bang controller or PID program on the flywheel to help it speed back up between shots. You will have to look at another thread for help with this because I am no expert.

Drill out the bearings