Flywheel making discs curve

I have a modified 3600 rpm motor with a soft wheel, every time i make a shot it curves like crazy, what can i do to prevent it?

Try lessening the compression on the flywheel

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I know that what my team did was reduce compression on the disk. So when the flywheel and the disk make contact, the flywheel doesn’t compress like crazy. Its perfectly spaced out so that the flywheel is just get it enough to grip, but not to compress. Another thing I would look at doing would be to extend the side for whichever way the disk is curving. Kind of like extending your barrel for a straighter shot if that makes sense.

we had an issue where if you have something contacting the disk after it passes through the flywheel it will effect the angle a lot. in are case it was around 20 degrees.

Make your wall end where the compression ends. Should shoot straight.

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