Flywheel mass?

What amount of mass in flywheel launcher is best to minimize the time it takes to get back up to desired rpms after each ball?
A whole bunch or a tiny bit?

Well, infinite mass would be ideal. Then it would not slow down at all. :eek:

I think that there is a “sweet spot” of mass that gives you the most distance with the least cool down period between shots. The only way to know what that is is to change the weight and see what happens.

There have been many posts about increasing and decreasing flywheel mass. The more mass the wheel has, the less it slows down (this can be described by the formula for momentum) and the slower it accelerates up. The less mass it has, the exact opposite happens. The speed up time for all masses are the same: the more it slows down, the faster it speeds up.

… If you can get some infinite energy from that cat and bread with butter combo (obscure reference; it’s a picture I saw online before) to start it up :wink:

The more mass, the longer it takes to get the flywheel up to speed. But the shorter time between shots.

You might never get osmium wheels up to speed ( with vex motors ) because they are very heavy, but if you could it would have the least time between shots.

It depends on your gear ratio, a lower gear ratio means you can put more mass on the wheel without having problems getting the flywheel up to speed. Similarly, a higher gear ratio means smaller wheels ( Keeping motors and gears out of the picture ) but because you can speed up again faster ( because your motors spinning faster ) then it balance out ( at lest somewhat ).