Flywheel Motor problem when testing

When testing our motor for our flywheel, it was geared 5:1 (using two 60t high strength gears and one 12t gears) but the brain screen said that one motor was 18:1?
When trying to get it to turn, it started turning and then stopped for some reason.
I don’t know if this is because of the 18:1 error or something else.
I checked if the motors were overheating and none of them were
I also checked if the shaft for all the holes is in place and they were
Yet the wheel still isn’t spinning
Any help?

Is there a way on the brain screen to have the 2 flywheel motors spin at the same time instead of just one spinning?

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This is the internal cartridge of the gear and is manually changed by clicking on it. It is used to make rpm calculations. (18:1 green, 36:1 red, 6:1 blue)

I don’t know what is causing this but it may be that you are running one motor or there is a lot of friction.

No there is not. The best way is to write a basic program that will spin both of the motors at the same time

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Not sure about this, there isn’t places that cause friction.
Perhaps it takes more than one motor to run it?
Not sure.

make sure that everything is straight, (nothing is like wonky or crooked) and yes, maybe it needs another motor for torque. What I did with my flywheel is one motor to spin it all and one more for torque.