Flywheel motor problem

Basically, our flywheel motors encounter a problem after shooting a certain amount of balls. The motors seem to stall and just really slow down and eventually completely stop. Simply turning it off and on dosent fix it. However, we’ve compensated by messing around with the mechanical aspect of the flywheel but the problem continues.

You can see more or less what I described in the video, sorry for potato quality. :frowning:

Single Flywheel
4 turbo motors
Externally Geared 15:1

Any help is appreciated!

The PTC thermal fuses in the motors are tripping from too much current. They don’t cool down right away, and if they trip once they’ll trip much easier afterwards. Search the forum and you will find tons of threads about PTCs.

The reason they are tripping is because for some reason they are under too much load, the most likely cause is friction. Take the axles out of the motors so everything can spin freely, and try it out, the flywheel should spin easily and coast for a good bit. Common culprits for friction are misaligned bearings, bent shafts, and grease can help too. Same thing as above, you should be able to find tons of threads about the same issue.

We had this same exact problem.
Are you guys using a toggle button for the flywheel?
What we did was copy the entire code into a new project and switched out one motor.
I’m not sure which one did the trick, but it worked fine after tht.

Thanks for your suggestions, we tried your ideas and it minimized the problem, but what completely fixed it for reasons we don’t understand was removing the power expander, which was powering the flywheel motors.

oh there could have been too much power going into the power expander because the fly wheel takes up the most power and you really want it to be spread through out the micro controller and the powerexpander if you have 4 motors 2 on expander 2 on micro :smiley: that’s what i do.