Flywheel Motors Cutting Out

Hi Everyone,

Our robot is currently using two 393 motors to drive two flywheels (one motor per wheel) which will be shooting our ball for the nothing but net competition. The gear ratio for one motor is something like 26:1.

During our testing process we encountered a critical error. Our motors do not run at top speed for a desired amount of time and usually cut out (begin slowing down until completely stopping) about half way through (around 5 seconds). We wait about 2 minutes before restarting our tests but the motors keep cutting out. We have even tried replacing the motors.

Does anyone know whats going on, and how we can approach the situation to resolve the issue? Thanks a lot!

Hi! I was having the same issue you are having. The problem could be that you have to much friction between your gears. Are you using HS gears or the 12 tooth metal pinions?

Hi, we’re using green HS gears.

We had the same issue. Added a second gear and have been fine since.

Okay! That is what we were using. Right now we are in the process of swapping them out for LS gears. In many of the threads I have seen, the problem was the friction causing the motor to draw excess power and trip the circuit breaker. There are a couple ways to fix it, if that is the problem. You should make sure all your shafts are straight and a lot of people are greasing their gears to reduce the friction.

I hope this helps!

You probably have seen our ELEVATED 1.0 reveal (if you have not the link is below), it was pushing the motors on a 15 : 1 gear ratio. Try a lower gear ratio like a 15 : 1 on high speed motors. The motors are burning out that is why they are slowing down. Also make sure you have bearings on every place in the metal that the shafts go through. Check for best shafts, that can always increase friction.

First step is definitely reducing any sources of friction. Also make sure that if you have more than 2 bearings a shaft passes through that they are perfectly aligned (I’ve seen this result in tons of friction if not).

2 motors on a 26:1 ratio is probably pushing it. Even if you are able to solve the issue by reducing friction you might want to go with 4 motors if you can. Keep in mind that this year you can use 12 motors if you don’t have pneumatics.