Flywheel Motors Stall

We built a flywheel that runs on 4 393 motors and is geared a total of 1:35 (seems fast enough based on what I have read so far). Our issue comes in that when we run the flywheel, the motors seem to stall out after 6-10 seconds. Any suggestions?

Have you tried looking at the motor controllers? Also, it could be a problem with running the motors off of a y cable, as you put too much stress on one port. Also, try using a power expander

We are running the motors on a power expander without Y cables, not sure what to be looking for in the motor controllers, can you elaborate? Thanks!

I think that there is a possibility that one of the motors is running backwards. If one of the three motors was flipped, then I believe the flywheel could behave like this

we had a similar problem AT a competition, but our motors were only spinning for 3ish seconds

are the motors high speed or torque?

I think if you have high-speed motors on a 1:25 gear ratio it might not burn out the motors

this is probably a problem with ptc, possibly in the power expander itself

The motors could possibly have differing internal ratios as well

We checked all the motors and they all have torque gearing. All of our motors appear to be plugged in the same way, but I am looking into it.

we had the same problem on our drive train, and a push bot was able to burn out our drive train

also, did you check the motors individually by plugging them into a 9-volt battery?

We checked all the motors with a 9 volt before putting them on the flywheel. The motors seem to all be spinning the same direction. I have unplugged one at a time and the same result happens with any combination of three motors.

ok, the motor controllers may be broken, so try the ports individually with a simple line of code.

All of the motors give me a response when I apply a voltage to them individually.

through the cortex?

Transferred over to the cortex. It does run longer but does not provide nearly enough power for the ball to be shot.

so are the motors high speed?

No, they are torque. We checked all of them before we put them on.

ok, I would recommend lowering the external gear ratio and increasing the internal gear ratio, so like a 1:25 gear ratio with high-speed motors. This is because internal gearing is stronger than external.

You are tripping the power expander in the videos it looks like. Watch the led on it. And the gearbox on the right looks like the 5x1 c channels aren’t lined up straight, which is probably causing excess friction before the 84 tooth gear.

Will do, thanks for all the help!