Flywheel motors throttling

My team has built a flywheel using a 84:12 to an 84:12 compound gear system driven by one motor. At first it works, and gets pretty fast (not fast enough to launch the ball) but kind of sort of just throttles and stops running.
Any ideas to combat this?
Right now we’re trying to see if just adding a motor will fix the problem, would that be enough?

Edit: we are using 393 motors

If you are using Cortex I would use more like 3 motors on a flywheel.

V5 I’d go one.

That gear ratio seems a little high for a flywheel. Maybe do a 60:12, 36:12.

From the sound of it its V5. 393 motors completely stop once the PTC trips, while V5 reduce speed (not sure if its a voltage limit, torque limit etc) when the e-fuse reaches a certain temperature. If it’s spinning as fast as a flywheel, this throttling is very noticeable with the naked eye. There is a function to get the temperature of the motor. I would recommend using this function and printing the temperature on the screen so you can see what temperature causes the throttling. Also as others have mentioned, the gear ratio that you have is too high, I would also recommend using a lower ratio.

Ah, we’re using 393 motors, so basically one motor really isn’t able to handle the load.

Ok, thank you for clarifying. Yes, one 393 motor will not have enough power to maintain a flywheel at that speed.