Flywheel not getting higher speed with largerwheels

I was working on designing a fly wheel for our robot but when I swap the smaller Omni wheel for a larger traction wheel it will not keep the speed as easily here is some pictures

image3 (1)
image0 (2)

I recommend supporting your flywheel on both sides with c channel as opposed to a kinda bent bar.


yea i know rn this is a prototype when I actually start the full build I will make the flywheel supported right now I’m trying to find a good gear ratio.

Try 5:1 (60:12) or 7:1 (84:12) with speed motor


yes i currently have a blue motor cartridge in it right now.

Looks like you could use a smaller driven gear too for more speed.

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yea i thought about that i will have to do that during lunch thank you for the help.

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Also try adding washers to reduce friction. The points in red are where metal rubs metal causing more friction.


Screenshot 2022-10-28 10.33.16
like this (with washers of course)

Yes like that
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thanks man (20characters)

image3 (2)
image2 (1)
image1 (2)
image0 (3)
here it is

Do you have the 12 tooth gears



yes i think we have them

You should use them
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yes is there a way to fit a regular size shaft inside those and not the bigger ones?

nvm there are the inserts i see now but IDK if we have those

Ok! Good luck
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Search my threads for the ‘flywheel analysis’ thread I made. Think it will help you.


or you could skip the gearbox and use a 1:1 motor (without the cartridge, search the forum for directions) many teams in my org have had success with these because there is very little friction involved and they are easy to build.

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