Flywheel Not Spinny :C

So I have a team of 3 people (In reality we have 4 but the other one doesn’t do work) and were trying out a flywheel for the slapshot competition. With saying this we are having trouble where whenever we spin the flywheel it goes extremely slowly. We currently have one side powered with a motor and I wanted to see if it was worth adding the other side. Or is it just friction, gravity, or a gear ratio (pls recommend).

Is it possible for you to send a picture of it? It would make it a lot easier to help you out.


need pics of mechanism, code, etc.

We made a solution turns out we had the flywheel offset lmao

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I would build a 4 motor flywheel. I have done some research and building and the 4 motor, 14k rpm flywheel is more than enough to handle what you need

This question is for VEX IQ (max motors = 6), where the max motor count is different then VRC (max motors = 8).

It’ll probably be fine with 1 or 2 motors for Slapshot, the IQ game this year.

Yeah, for flywheel you really only need one motor unless you have bad build quality

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