Flywheel not working

My flywheel is having problems. At first I tried a 7:1 gears ratio on my flywheel and that didn’t run because it was on a green motor. but I have tried a 1:35 (7:1 and then 5:1) and that didn’t run. Then I tried a 1:25 and that bound as well. basically what it did with both is that it spun the wheel not even a quarter rotation and then it stopped spinning. the gears axels also move a little bit to the direction that the motor is spinning so I think it might be binding but I don’t know how to fix it. I can turn the bottom gear with the wheel but I can’t turn the top wheel because the first metal gear doesn’t turn

well it looks like your doing a 5000rpm flywheel. Most people are doing 3000rpm. so I would do a 5;1 on blue or a 3:1:5:1 so 15:1 so 3000rpm.

gearing for a 200 should look something like this


if it still doesn’t spin check for friction in bearings and stuff. if it still doesn’t work try swapping the motor.

Ive also noiticed that sometimes the hs gears dont mesh as well as the ls ones


If this is touching, then thats a problem.


yeah that is one of the problems but even when I had the bigger gear and they weren’t touching

Do you think the blue motor and 5:1 will work with high-strength gears because i only have those

Also what’s the rpm of a blue motor

Red = 100
Green = 200
Blue = 600

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Blue is 600rpm also i think it should work wit hthe hs gears

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Ok. So the flywheel is working with a blue motor and a 5:1 ratio, but I have to push on the top right corner to make it run or else there is not enough torque and the gears stop spinning, so what should I do

Send a picture and ill try to help video would bw great to

Loosen your screws some and shift things around until it runs smoothly.

Thx for helping so much help here is the video
Edit: and it was spinning ok for about 20 second but then started doing that.

when i click the link i get a 404error

This one should work

What did you do to your controller!?


yeah if your having to push it its definitely an alignment problem. your shaft is probably pushing against the side of the bearing. if I were you ide try to move them to the center set of holes or you can try and use a pice of C channel that goes top to bottom that forces the pices to align the way you need them to. its not ideal but it should work.

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thx for the help this flywheel is the only part of my robot that is not working and it has been a pain

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Leave a fingernail width space in the shaft spacers… they must NOT bind against the bearings/metal/etc.

Disconnect the shafts. Test each one in its bearings… should spin VERY freely. Should NOT be “notchy”.

Shafts are often bent, even brand new ones. Check yours.

Recommend a light sanding of the shafts… they get minor surface corrosion.

You’ve got at least 3 bearings on the flywheel shaft. Try and reposition the gears so you can drop back to 2… less friction.

Check teeth on the gears for damaged ones.

In short, check everything from the motor, motor alignment, shaft straightness, bearing condition, shaft condition, etc very carefully.


To everyone who helped on the post. I finally was able to fix it and now my flywheel looks great