Flywheel power issue

Hi, I’m having a problem with my flywheel for over under. It works but it doesn’t launch more than a foot. It has a red gear cartridge (originally blue).

Please let me know if you have any ideas.

With a red cartridge and what looks like an 84 tooth gear and a 12 tooth gear, your final flywheel speed will be 700 rpm, which is too slow to launch far. Why did you stop using a blue cartridge? A blue cartridge would result in a much faster speed and would launch a lot further. If a blue is too fast you can try a green cartridge, which will give a speed which is more in the middle, but it would still probably be too slow. I would suggest switching out the big 84 tooth gears for slightly smaller 60 tooth gears and using a blue cartridge for an end speed of 3000 rpm, which is more likely to work. Your launch angle could be too high too, making it go up a lot but not forward very much. It would also help if you could provide an image which isn’t blurry or a video of it shooting.


I’ll try what you said tomorrow. I stopped using the blue ones because they weren’t launching the triballs.

I changed the gears to a smaller size. I changed out the gear cartridge as well. Now it can’t even launch the triballs at all. The flywheel just stops when a triball tries to go through.

You could have a problem with friction, make sure you are using pillow bearings everywhere and nothing is rubbing. If you have any metal on metal contact put a nylon/plastic washer in between the parts, and try to prevent any unnecessary rubbing. With no motor on it you should be able to spin it and have it free spin for a couple seconds. Also make sure the wheels aren’t too close together, because then it could be taking too much force to push the triball through the flywheel. It would be helpful if you could send a video of it shooting or a higher resolution picture to make it easier to tell what is going wrong.

If you could provide a video of what happens when you shoot the tribal, and also what happens when you push the tribal through manually.

Everything from your original image is good save for the red cartridge, which you’ve said you changed to blue. From the angle of the photo, it’s fairly hard to tell, but there seems to be a lot of friction between the metal and the larger gear, and the larger gear with the rollers of the flywheel. I would try to reduce friction with those issues by using bearings and spacers to ensure that nothing is rubbing against anything else. If you would like more help, I would recommend posting a video that shows you launching a triball. Also ensure that your motors are both working and not burnt out.

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Honestly the 72 to 12 tooth gear on a 600 rpm motor would work better because the speed (3600 RPM) just launches the tribals, I made a flywheel prototype with 4200 rpm and it was more than enough to get the tribals under the goal. I got about 30 out of 44 matchloads (For skills) Under the goal just using 4200 RPM, but adapt to what works better for you. Even last year 4200 RPM was WAY too much

Use ball bearings if you have them. add flywheel weights onto the spinning sprockets, or just any kind of weight

A video would help us help you

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