Flywheel Problems | NEED CODER HELP

I have been trying to make this code work but it would seem we keep running into problems. First our code was making the robot do different stuff with different buttons. For instance Axis 1 would only control one type of conveyor belt while Axis 3 would control the turning of the robot. Now we are having a problem to where there is a pairing issue? This is my first ever time actually coding with a controller as I only coded robots in an autonomous way instead of a user way. Can someone please look at my code and see what is wrong with it? I even have all the other components in the photos with it if you need it too.

2023-11-10 13_54_07-VEXcode V5

What does this mean ? Is the controller not connecting to the VEXnet radio ?


I did not get the full scoop of the problem but I just heard it was just a pairing issue. Also another team member of ours said we could use motor 9 for some reason as it was causing that. Could you explain what that could mean? I could also try sending more info of the problem later today.

Here is how we set up our controllers but we are using VS code so I don’t know how it will work in VexCode.