Flywheel question regarding 12 tooth gear fitting

Hey guys, currently l am building a flywheel with two motors 60:12 ratio 3000 RPM with 2 motors spinning 2 60 tooth gears. I am thinking of putting the small 12 tooth gear next to the 60 tooth but somehow could not get it to stay in the right position. Either the shaft hits the motor at the bottom or there are no holes perfect for it. I have tried using spacers but it doesn’t seem to work very well. Here is a picture of it -

The 12 t gear can go either left or right.

It should be able to fit on the right, make sure you use bearing flats to help line up the gears. A top-down picture might help us see what the issue is. Otherwise you could cut the axle on the 12T gear so that it doesn’t hit the motors, if that’s an option for you.


Is there a bar above the frame of the picture? Cause shafts need to be supported in 2 places.


If there’s a bearing on the c channel there, and the shaft is sufficiently short, cantilevered gears generally work fine. The motor is the second point of contact.

Sounds like OP is trying to mount another gear next to it though. That gear can’t be unsupported under any circumstance as it is going to have a 3000 rpm spinning flywheel on it.


Hi guys, l solved the problem by making a CAD copy of the flywheel and the solution was to just turn the c-channel around!

Thanks for all the suggestions guys!