Flywheel rachet

I have a very well tuned V4 flywheel bot. I just point and it always hits the spot. I would like to know if it worth it for me to use a rachet on it. What are your thoughts?

Depends on how much space you have, which size wheel you have, what your gear ratio is, and how much you value your internal motor gears.

I have to replace one of my motors internals every 20 matches.

Our team is considering building a ratchet to put on our flywheel but wouldn’t know how to attach it. Any tips?

Yes, takes a lot of stress off the motors. If you can it is worth it. The worst thing for the motors can be the shut down where the flywheel forces the motors to still spin. Before we added ratchets to our Nothing but net robot we killed a lot of motors and motor controllers, it also often tripped the cortex to stall a lot during a days events.
With the ratchet it was noticeably better. Also of course reduced friction as much as we could, which is hugely important.
Although you’ve said it’s a small bot, so the flywheel may add to much size and load?
Launcher 5.jpg

I haven’t really had any problems without a ratchet. Haven’t killed a motor or motor controller yet. If you have a good amount of build quality and are diligent with your work you should be fine without one

This is true, our first NBN launchers were bad, but as the season went on they got far better, the CAD above was our 5th build and worked extremely well and didn’t need the ratchet so much, but it was definitely needed early on and does add a bit to motor survival.
I’m surprised you’ve never killed a motor controller or motor, the 393’s were fairly weak. We’ve got a box of dead ones from the last 4 years.