flywheel ramp need help

Our team has built a flywheel and we need help on how to start building a ramp for it. The intake is being powered by the same motor as the flywheel, and the ball will be shot out the same direction it’ll be picked up.

yikes, first off you dont want that

as Vyx said, you should not have your intake and flywheel be on the same system; if a ball were to have ANY amount of friction, it could decimate your flywheel set-up. Although it costs an extra motor, I would use one to separate your flywheel and flywheel intake.

thank you for that suggestion we are going to look into that, but even if we change that how would we start on the ramp part oh look a convenient playlist explaining how our robot evolved!

@9142ACatDog You mean “hood,” right? Or are we talking about the intake ramp?