Flywheel ratchet questions

I was wondering about ratchets. For a flywheel, where would the ratchet go to reduce strain on the motor? On the gears driven directly from the two blue motors I’m using, or on the gear that is mounted on top of the flywheel it’s self?
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I don’t know what kind of flywheel you are running, but for my team, we use one motor with a custom insert and our ratchet is built into the wheel itself. the wheel is able to freely spin, while the screws on the ratchet connect it to the gear that is spinning. I cant post a picture right now but I will try to add one when I am able to work on my robot later.

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This is what I was talking about. The flex wheel only spins when the 12 tooth gear is spinning and it spins freely on its own


love the innovation got to use what you got!


Wait so what’s the point of the flexwheel spinning independently then?

Generally, it’s to help slow down the flywheel without dumping heat into the motor. It could also help keep the flywheels inertia without using extra power, or, if there’s some other mechanism (likely expansion) driven by the same shaft, it could allow that to be driven without the flywheel having to reverse directions, which would take time and also be inconvenient. Also, it makes an annoying noise that can be heard all over competitions, instantly creating recognition for your team. What’s not to love?


So the flex wheel and 12 tooth both have the small circular axle converters? Like the picture

the flex wheel has the circular insert so that is is able to free spin, but the 12 tooth has the square insert so that it is still able to be driven by the shaft. also you will probably have to play with the tensioning to get it right on your specific ratchet.

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