Flywheel Ratchets

I was curious about how ratchets worked on flywheels. Wouldn’t ratchets just add friction and make it harder to spin?

I used the search bar, and if there is a topic on this please tell me.

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Ratchets might cause some friction when engaged but a well designed one will have very little effect on the performance. Also the point of the ratchets is to actually help the motors last longer, so it reduces the overall friction by allowing the flywheel to spin freely seperate from the motors so that the motor wont absorb all the energy in the flywheel and heat up. Although ratchets aren’t reallly necessary (or so ive heard) now since you can set the v5 motors to coast, they were used mainly with cortex. Although I haven’t yet tested the difference in performance. As for how it works this video should give a good enough eplanation on it: REX 1727B-Ratchet and Pawl Device - YouTube also one more thing: forgot to mention the ratchet engages when the motor disengages, so it doesnt produce friction while spinning up.


ratchets are still necessary as a means to reduce the flywheel motor from overheating

not necessarily required but highly recommended

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Im planning on doing some testing for myself but has anybody compared the motor with and without ratchets?