Flywheel rpm graph

Does anyone know how to make a rpm graph like 515R? Link: Flywheel RPM Graph - 515R - Vex Spin Up - YouTube

I made a graph using lvgl 8 that I ported to VEX code, if you are using PROS, lvgl is already built in.

There is also another topic that would greatly help you on this: Graphing on the V5 screen

Not exactly like that but I like to use cout to print to the terminal and then copy and paste the data into an excel file and graph it from there. This way you have access to all the data and you can put it in your notebook if you want.


What is cout? I am assuming you misspelled count but how do you do that?

cout<< is a c++ command, part of the library. It prints text to the terminal/console.

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This could be useful for vex iq. Anyone know how to do this for iq?