Flywheel RPM High but Disk not Shooting Far

Could you clarify what you mean by “notchy”?

Also now that I think of it, we did use new shafts, thinking that they would be straight. Maybe that could be another issue

From what you’ve told us I’m pretty sure it’s a combination of things that you’re not getting right. Sending a picture would allow us to pinpoint the problem…

Notchy rotation is when it’s not smooth as it turns… you feel notches/bumps as it rotates. It’s 95% due to a damaged bearing (overtighened/etc) and 5% due to bad shaft.

Don’t overtighten bearings. Unless absolutely not possible, use the center hole for shaft and side holes for bolts. This assures the bearing is flat… otherwise it tends to kick up slightly.

And… we need a picture.

The mass of the flywheel affects acceleration, how long it takes to speed up/slow down when a given force (motor or disc) is applied to it..

Yeah ours runs 4,000 to 4,200 for example

Even then, 4,000 is too much. Ideal is 3000.

Yeah its starting to vibrate really hard. I have practice tonight is there any possible reasons you are able to think of?

Can you send a photo of it?

Well, it depends, we weren’t able to get an autonomous win point with 3000 consistently. 4200 does shoot quit far and powerful, but in the program, you can just turn it down.

I figured it out. I did some math and I dialed the motor back to 75% (my math showed 71.8% but I took it up to 75% to account for heat/friction losses) and it reduces the vibrations to none to slight.