Flywheel Speed Fluctuating

My team has a dual green-insert motor compound gear chain flywheel design with a speed toggle. We have the speed toggle because when run at 100%, we can only do cross-field shots(not very consistently though). At 70% power, we can very consistently make close-range shots.
The problem is when the flywheel speed is running at anything less than 100% the flywheel will seemingly fluctuate in speed. We think that the motors are speeding/slowing themselves down to try to stay at the target speed. This means that we have to listen to how the flywheel sounds to try to time our shots with when its fastest(which CLEARLY makes driver way harder and slower).
Is there anything we can do to fix this? I can provide whatever other info about the bot is needed. Thank you!
this is my first time posting so sorry if this post is bad

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Before you make a new topic, it’s generally a good idea to use the search bar up at the top right hand corner to see if anyone has asked your question before you. In your case, there are topics like this one which should be able to solve your problem.


Using voltage instead of velocity for any speeds under 100% on flywheels fixes this in my experience