Flywheel speed going up and down

So, our team has a working Flywheel that can shoot from anywhere on the field. However, there is one problem. Our flywheel cannot keep a constant speed, and it sounds like it is going up, then going down in velocity. We tried tweaking the code, but have refrained from touching the mechanical part of the Flywheel. We haven’t been able to solve the issue with the code, and are now wondering if it has something to do with the mechanical portion. If you guys have any information it would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

We had a similar problem with ours. What speed does the code run at and are you using a gear system to speed up the rpm?

This post should have answers to your questions.

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This is a common issue met when using velocity to set the speed of a flywheel motor. Using velocity instead fixes this issue. Visit Voltage control vs Velocity control if you want to know why I think this happens

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