Flywheel Speed Program

Hey guys. I would like to know how I could be able to press a the button all the way on the left on my Vex remote that will change the speed of the flywheel. Thank you.

I’m sorry if I am misunderstanding your question, but the remote control button all the way o the left is referenced as vexRT[Btn7L]. There is a thread on programming flywheel speeds right here:

Also, could you describe how you would like to control the flywheel with the button? (Like accelerate, toggle, speed change, etc.)

So, I would like to be able to shoot from the 1 point bar on the field, so I want to be able to click a button which would change the flywheel speed. And the button all the way on the left on the top of the remote in the pad.

I also use EasyC

Are u trying to have different buttons associated with different motor speeds for your flywheel?

Use the link Vex 9185 gave you
I posted a response an easy way to set multiple speeds for your flywheel using different buttons on easy C.

Yes, Duke4221c and thanks Vex_2382A

So you want to set a global variable to one of the button using get joystick to digital and associate a button to a global var. Then make a if statement and say in the writing if (the button u assiciated) == 1
. And then treat it like a automonos function. Put motor moter modules for each motor for your flywheel and then set them to a specific motor value u want. Then make more of these if u want more speeds. If u have amy questions just reply