Flywheel Squealing

So recently we’ve just just finished up and test our flywheel and the shooting and other aspects of it works really well. However whenever we turn it off, as it coasts it makes a squealing sound and I’m not sure where it’s coming from or if it affects anything.

Is this V5 where you can set the brakeType to coast? Or are you using 393s? If you’re using 393s, do you have a ratchet? If you’re fine on all that, are you sure there is no squealing as it runs?

Sorry I wasn’t clear about this before but it is V5 and brakeType is set to coast. It probably does squeal while it runs, just the sound of the flywheel spinning is louder so you can’t hear the squeal as much.

Im pretty positive this is caused by a axle being slightly bent or rubbing against metal caused by bearing flats being slightly missallinged. Ive seen this happen before.

Noise is friction, Friction is loose of power. Maybe not much, but some. If you have a steel set screw collar against a steel surface, or metal against metal, insert a nylon washer.

yea turns out that the shaft was bent. Straightened it out and it no longer squeals! Thanks for the help.