flywheel stalling when tilted

We are having trouble with our flywheel stalling with even the slightest tilt. Has anybody else been having problems with this? We have 4 motors with a 21:1 gear ratio. It was originally 25:1 and we thought the stalling was due to that but we are thinking it has something to do with the tilting. It is only a slight tilt. Is this possible?

Check for any friction in the flywheel. We had this problem then we just removed some spacers and added washers to make sure no metal was spinning on metal and it started working.

I don’t really get you regarding tilt.
The flywheel is tilted side way or the robot?

Make sure your axles are straight. This made a huge difference for my design.

Make sure none of your gears are rubbing the robot chassis anywhere. My team had that happen when they changed the angle of their flywheel

Make sure that when you angle the flywheel, it is not bending the bar with the bearings to the flywheel on it. Can you post a picture? It may help to mount it on a pivot, then brace it from pivoting instead of screwing it to a non parallel bar.

If you guys have hinges you could try that if you want to see an example out could post picture for reference.