Flywheel Trouble

OK my team has been having trouble with our flywheel and would like to know what is the correct way to gear it and how many motors you need. Right now we are using 2 motors (1 per wheel) and its not working which is weird because another team did their flywheel exactly the same and it worked. Any suggestions…

I’m assuming that you mean a double horizontal flywheel. You need at least 2 motors per wheel if you want to shoot full field. You will need a 25:1(5:1, 5:1) with torque motors, a 15:1 with speed or a 7:1 with turbo motors. Also make sure you have eliminated a lot of friction (good structure, no bent shafts, maybe a bit of lubrication on your final build).

Friction is a killer. Eliminate it with your ninja build skills at once. Especially if you plan to use only one motor per flywheel. Although I would have to recommend two wheels in a horizontal setup like you are currently using, having more power behind a geared wheel is almost always a good idea. However with precise building and the absence of excess friction, it is definitely possible to build a two motor dual flywheel.

Maybe some pictures could help? Could help us to diagnose any specific issues with your construction. :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed! Reduce friction, and use as few gears as possible. It also might help you to make the flywheel especially light because only 1 motor per side might not be able to spin a very heavy flywheel. Good luck!

As said previously, reducing friction will help a lot. If you spin the flywheel without the motor attached it should spin for around 5-10 secs.