Flywheel v. Puncher

What are you guys thinking about a flywheel v. puncher? I know this was already asked, but I’m assuming most of us have been able to play around with the parts and figure out how they’ll act in game. We’re thinking about using a puncher (because of its simplicity), but we’re also thinking about prototyping a flywheel. What are your thoughts?

Use what’s faster and gives you more options

Why are people not recognizing the potential a catapult has? With a catapult, you can shoot at both the high flags with two balls with a single fire in less than a second, but with a flywheel and puncher you have to shoot an individual shot twice in order to hit both flags. I was slightly scared to say this argument in the TVACast because of public opinion, but I think I am a bit more confident. And if the Unofficial VEX Server starts discussing about how stupid I am for believing that a catapult is the best shooting mechanism then I’d like them to see me when I hit all 9 flags in seconds. A good example of potential is in the Singvex competition video, with a robot that can shoot 2 balls at once(definitely has room for improvement but it also definitely has potential). I usually don’t go for the best design that the media suggests, but I’d like to go with the best design that I know with my knowledge and creativity I have earned due to experience.


Everyone believes that a flywheel is the best option, and I can see this as slightly misleading because everyone’s build quality is different, as well as how each mechanism is implemented and programmed is different per person. I would suggest myself to do a catapult because it is both simplistic, easy to build compared to the rest(for me), and it may be faster than all shooting mechanisms when shooting both balls when built properly.
EDIT//: Oof sorry if that sounded arrogant as well as I am sorry that I started rambling, I just seemed to be unwelcomed by the general public and I’m sick and tired of it.

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Again, test and use what works the best. Nobody knows what is the best design. Just test and figure it out for yourself. You can hear info from people online, but most of the time parts of said info are embellished. Just run some tests for yourself. You were already planning on prototyping both, so go ahead and do so (And prototype other things so Connor doesn’t reeee). If people just gave out data that they had to collect on their own then what would others like yourself put in your notebooks (Assuming you have one)? You would have to put “Someone online told me that this was opop so I went with it, poggers”. Sorry for ranting, but I kinda have a problem with these types of threads. I would recommend prototyping 1st, then come back and ask others who also prototyped the same things as you to compare and contrast.

May I suggest that this type of question would be more useful if the person asking outlined their design goals and constraints first. Of course, then they would usually be able to answer their own question without posting it here.

How about, “We want to acquire a ball and fire in less than 2 seconds, from distances up to six feet, and hit flags at the middle and high levels. Our super-cool pizza handler takes up a lot of room, so we need a compact firing mechanism, and we only have two motors available.” This type of question would generate a more considered response than, “how should we hurl the yellow balls?”

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The robot @[TVA]Connor is referring to is 8059A.
We will be doing a reveal on this robot soon.

While it is easy to do a 1-ball catapult, it is actually pretty challenging to do a 2-ball catapult that can hit 2 correct heights at the same time (and still works even if it is only with 1 ball in the catapult).
But it is definitely worth the effort.

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How accurate are catapults compared to flywheels?

If you asked me, the accuracy of catapults is not worse than flywheels. It is all about the fine-tuning and driving practice.

Have you seen the SingVex videos (in another thread)? If you have, then you can assess it for yourself.

And as I mentioned in the other thread as well, both flywheels and catapults have their own sets of pros and cons.

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Ok, thank, just wanted to make sure that video wasn’t an outlier. What arm lengths and ratios are typically used for catapults?

Oh… I am not sure if our catapult an outlier or not. But I remember 7682 had a very good catapult for nbn as well.
Guess it all depends on the quality of build (same as flywheel too).

Don’t think there is a typical length or ratio. But it generally just made use of the moments (or turning force), i.e. with the same force applied, the longer the length, then the greater the moment produced.
Will need my team to do their reveal videos for the exact length and ratio :stuck_out_tongue:

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Both catapults/punchers and flywheels are viable. Personally, I think the flywheel will win out due to less need to be in a specific location, especially when V5 comes out with the vision sensor, however, both are very accurate and good options. Will be interesting to see which one wins out

I wonder about the catapult height? Does it stay below 18 inches if outside the expansion zone? Or does the catapult design require you to stay in the expansion zone?

Please don’t revive old threads, but yes, it can stay below 18”

It’s kind of funny to go back and read about everyone’s predictions. Now we’re stuck with a fleet of punchers. (Thanks, 574C :unamused:) (:wink:)

I had a 2BC this year, and it worked pretty well. I’ve seen 2BCs able ot toggle a whole column in less than a second. the obvious weakness is the whole “shoot once, miss twice” concept.

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Sorry, newbie to VEX forum. Thanks. It had popped up as a suggested thread while I was using it. Caught my interest.

Interesting you saw a fleet of punchers. Most teams I’ve seen have ignored the flags altogether except during autonomic portion. See you around sometime.

That’s the meta in Alaska? I find that very interesting. Cap bots have been ripped on all season, and flags have taken almost all of the attention. What’s it like to be in a nearly flag-less region?