Flywheel variable shots

I was thinking about ways to have a variable height for a flywheel that is more mechanically oriented then programming it. After looking through some old vex forum post I found a planetary transmission, my thought is to ratchet a 4’’ flywheel nbn style to not damage the motors and power it with 2 motors powering planetary transmissions system. when playing you first shoot the low goal with the lower transmission power, then change the direction of the motor controlling the planet gears to speed up the flywheel so you can shoot at the higher flag. Would this be even viable or would it just be better to program shooting at different distances in with different buttons powering the motor at different speeds?

You really don’t need to change the height of a flywheel since you can vary the power given to the flywheel and the height limit outside the expansion zone is 18 inches.

Sorry for the confusion but I wouldn’t be changing the height

I would strongly recommend going with solving this problem using software. However, if your team is not familiar with the code, this could be an option for a team using the cortex system and finds a use for pneumatics in other areas as well. During this process, it would be best to prototype another flywheel and have the programmer practice using software to change speeds quickly and accurately. This will allow you to switch to the software option, which is better for overall motor distribution, especially when your team gets v5.