Flywheel velocity quantitative analysis

Unless I missed a sign, made a math error, etc… then take a look at this:

Was wondering just how fast the flywheel is moving.

Most flywheels are running 3600 rpm, using a ~4.5" wheel.

3600 rpm * 1m/60s = 60 rps (per second)

tangential velocity = 60 rps * 2pi radians * 2.25" radius = 848"/second

848" * 1’/12" = 71’ fps (feet per second)
seems faster than I would have guessed

71’/sec * 60sec/min * 60min/hr = 255,600’/hr

255,600’/hr * 1mi/5280’ = 48 mph (miles per hour)

Would be interesting to do some high speed video of the disc beside a delimited (fancy name for ruler) background to manually determine disc launch velocity.

Also, wear your safety glasses.

I took this video a LONG time ago, just thought it was funny how much the 30A flex wheels deformed with too much compression.