Flywheel vrs. bar shooter

Which do you think is better, A high capacity magazine with a fast bar shooter or a seesaw with a flywheel? I find flywheels are quite inconsistent, but my bar shooter is pretty much consistent 4 points, at quite a fast rate. Should I switch over to a seesaw and flywheel or continue with my shooter?

Our team loves the bar shooter. Right now struggling with jamming upon stacking in the “Magazine”. I think this is the biggest limitation to these robots vs. seesaw. Open to hearing throughts on how you made yours load consistently.

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Our trick is to use plastic sheets, a trick we learned from many youtube videos

We pretty much never jam now, in our tests we have never gotten it to jam during normal gameplay.


Seesaw flywheel is just superior, like for real, because of the high shooting rate and capacity of the bot, unless you have austin sus’s bot, in which case your automatically gonna win every comp

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For reference here is the link: