Flywheel vs Puncher, Intake System?

I am brand new to the Vex Forum, so if you guys could leave any tips or tricks down below it would be really helpful.

On another note, my team has been experimenting with various Flywheel designs (gear ratios, spacing, etc.) and Punchers (slip gears, rubber bands, etc.)

At this point, we are still unsure on which is the better option to use for our season. We are trying to build a robot which is good at all aspects of the game, not a robot which focuses just on shooting balls or flipping caps.

What do you guys think is the best option for a shooter and why?

Additionally, what are some effective intake designs to pick up balls?

We have tested out rubber bands on sprockets along with traction treads taking the ball up.


I’ve seen the described intake as being the most effective. I’m pretty happy with it on my robot.

For you guys, I feel like a puncher would be a better design. It’s a lot simpler and a lot less can go terribly wrong. (I suggest because your new forum usage indicates a younger team with less experience building. Correct me if I’m wrong.)

I took a different path in my design, choosing to side with history and become specialized to succeed. But, I think that spacing may be an issue. Make sure you have a clear vision of how everything will fit together before you start making radical and difficult to change decisions. Really, my alternate subsystems are working better than my main one right now.

As for forum tips, pm me if you want. I’m a new(er) user too, and I’ve picked it up rather quickly, I think. :slight_smile: Let’s not clutter your thread here with multiple topics.

Thank you for the feedback. We are a newer team, as this is our 2nd year competing :slight_smile:

From my experience, flywheels are easier to build and tune. However, given that you want to do everything I would recommend a puncher. It is far more space efficient and leaves you much more room for a cap scoring mechanism.

^ +1

I disagree strongly with the emphasized section. As I’ve stated in the past emphatically, flywheels amplify the slightest flaw. It takes a lot of build quality to get a flywheel working correctly.
But we’ve had different experiences. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve definitely heard both, maybe it’s just me

In our experience punchers are better if your using cortex unles you have the cartridges for the v5 motors which our club doesnt yet. The standard v5 motors at 200 rpm dont have enough torque to toggle a flag with a puncher. At our last comp we tried to use our puncher and the balls would reach the flag but they didnt have enough velocity to toggle the flags. Flywheels is a system that im trying out this time around because with v5 motors and a few gears they are insanely powerful and can toggle the flags.

Uh… it’s not really the motors. You should be able to shoot faster with V5 due to the increased torque. But the design on the puncher should make the difference in shooting velocity. We can help with your design. Just give us more information with pictures and maybe a video in a new thread.

We thought it was because we were doing just fine with tourqed 393s we switched to v5 at full power nothing wrong with the motor and it would not output as much power as much as the 393. Were not worrying about it though cause were switching to flywheel

Huh. Weird.

We thought maybe the issue was we set the brake type to brake instead of coast so it burnt out the motor then we switched it to another motor same problem. So yeah it is weird