Hi, guys I need help,my flywheel hasn’t got enough power to put the ball into the net if you can help me I will be very greateful!

Could you post some more information? Are you using single or double flywheel? What is the angle on your launcher? What is your gear ratio? How many motors are you using?

Hi, thanks for answering wait a minute plis and I will post a video
We are using 3 motors

And it’s a double flywheel

Do you have any idea to improve it?

What is the gear ratio and launcher angle?

Without pictures, I would have to say it’s most likely friction and/or compression. It’s also possible a gear ratio issue, but anything over 7:1 with turbo motors (16.8) should work fine for full court with 5" wheels, so I doubt that’s the problem.
To check for compression, turn off the robot, and push a ball through the flywheel with your hand. It shouldn’t be too difficult to push the ball through, but the wheels should still turn when you do. If that doesn’t fix the problem, remove the motor axles, leaving all of the gears connected, and give the wheels a spin. They should continue to spin for a few seconds, otherwise there is too much friction. Check all bearing flats individually, making sure they are not too tight, and make sure all metal is aligned properly, especially if you have an axle going through more than 2 pieces of metal.

hre is the video,all I don’t konaw what to do :’’’( I think that the compression is fine and the friction isn’t a problem anyway please watch the video

now iI post the video

it might be problem of the motors?

I can’t post the video

here there are some images

any idea’’?

In my opinion, the conveyer is too close to the flywheel, so the ball has a lot of friction with the conveyer when being launched.

I would suggest replacing your flat plate metal with another 1x5 if you have it, the flat plate metal is prone to bending. (It’s designed to be bendable) It looks like your flat plate is a tad bent, which would be causing lots of friction. But if friction isn’t a problem, it looks like you might have a shaft collar on your launcher plate, which the ball would hit on its way out of the flywheels, thus slowing down the ball dramatically.

and what do you think about the angle?

and what do you think about the angle?

but guys, I don’t have turbo motors might this be a problem?

It looks like about 45 degrees? It should be fine.
What gear ratio are you using? I can’t really see from the pictures.

that’s inside the flywheel