does the ball intake go over or under the flywheel? thanks


Basic Answer: I don’t think there was a single underhand flywheel in the dome nor in alliance selection nor top 10 in their respective division in NBN

Actual Answer: I don’t see a practical benefit from shooting underhand. Why would you want your robot to have to have more power to make the ball travel a longer vertical distance. It just seems like it’s making the robot do excessive work.


sorry i answered my question


Use a 5:1 Gear ratio for flywheels



5:1? That seems a bit low


It is…

The flywheel in that video is running at a 25:1 ratio. It has 2 5:1’s which equals 25:1.


I mean, posting your design on the internet is basically saying you’re okay with other people seeing it and using it.

Also, that flywheel is standing on a styrofoam block and its motors so secured it probably shouldn’t jump all that much


It is always good to ask for permission or at least acknowledge the creator of the design that you adopted.

Believe me, it does feels better for the creators… and it will also indirectly encourage more people to share.