Any ideas why this isn’t working?

Looks like you need to add some anti slip mesh to your upper hood. Not enough energy is being transferred to the ball.

Your angle of ejection looks fine, but you may want to tune it upwards a little bit more.

I thought your wheel suddenly slowed down for like 10 seconds before I figured out you’d used slo-mo. Smart.

Still doesn’'t work…

Make sure everything is secure when the ball is being shot out the robot, the hood should flex backward and the wheel should flex forward.

Also based on the video, am I correct to assume that the robot motors are geared 7:1 with 200 rpm V5 motors. In this is the case, your gear ratio is way too slow and you may want to make it faster. If it is not a 7:1 gear ratio please correct me so that I can further help.

Yeah, you need to stabilize everything, lots of energy is being lost to the whole system flexing.
As for the ratio, I would recommend 3000 rpm; my team just finished our flywheel with that ratio and it can shoot full court but not much past it, allowing for full range while still optimizing reload time.

we have two 7:1 gear ratios, how much rpm is that?

That would be 1400 rpm

You should probably use a compound gear ratio to make it around 3000 rpm

Just to clarify, you have two motors; each powering the flywheel with a 7:1 ratio, which is different from a compound ratio that @293X suggested. Assuming you used the green internals (200 rpm) that is 1400 rpm.

So if I have a 7:1 and then a 7:1 next to that whats that ratio?

7:1. To get a compound ratio for 4900 rpm you would need to have a 7:1 that then powers an 84 tooth gear (ON THE SAME AXLE!) that then powers another 12 tooth. These people don’t have a 7:1:7:1 but they do have a compound gear ratio.

That would be a 49:1 gear ratio and would spin 9800 rpm which is too fast

looking at the vid it’s just a 7:1

I know this but i was referring to when tanigross asked what the output ratio would be if there was a 7:1 and then another 7:1

So what gear ratios what you recommend (keep in mind I’m attaching two of them to the same axle which spins the wheel)

Our flywheel is still a work in progress, but we’ve had plenty of success with ~3500-2000 RPM wheel outputs. If you want 3500RPM, you can do a 15:1 with a compound gear 5:1 on same axle as a 3:1 using the 200RPM V5 motors. I’ve never looked at our flywheel in slo-m0, but the whole thing seems a bit wobbly. That’s not good for energy transfer, as a few people above mentioned.

If I do two of those compounds is that 3500RPM or 7000RPM?

A picture would be better, but I don’t have it in front me…

Motor output is 200RPM, which is connected to a 5:1, compounded with a 3:1 attached to the flywheel axle.

So 20053 = 3000. (goofed on my original post)

If you want a little more, you can boost the first ratio to 7:1 and then you get 20073, which is 4200RPM output.

It seems like what you’re asking is if having two motors doubles the gear ratios. Please correct me if you are asking something else, but having two motors will increase the torque but will have no impact on the speed, seeing as they turn at the same speed.

My V4 flywheel avg. 3120rpm actual, it also has splendid accuracy with that gear ratio.