Flywheels and Ball Squishiness

We received our field set up back in June, as soon as it was available. We developed a two motor double flywheel shooter that can hit the high goal from full field at motor speeds in the 90’s. At our first contest we found that the balls were way firmer than any we had ever seen. We were a foot short of the high goal from the loading zone no matter what programming adjustments we made. Cranked our motors up to 127 and were still short with the contest field balls. Ex: Our programming average in practice was a respectable 80, our best with the firm balls was 28.

Anyone else having major issues with squishiness? any tips on how to adjust?

The less compression you have the less varying “squishiness” will affect your shots.

Just reduce compression. It’s easier on the motors and balls alike. I haven’t had mjor issues since I reduced it, except when using the RoboSource balls. They are stiffer, yet lighter, and won’t compress like is needed for some intakes.

We suffered from varied ball squishiness at our last competition too. The soft ones hit the middle of the net and the hard ones flew over (and burned out our “feeder” motor along the way). We fell through the floor in scores, with our worst being 23 (our previous was 113).
Most of the teams seemed to be having trouble with the balls too. The highest skills was only 106 (ours was 45 :D).

We’re going to test a moving thin “hood” design so all balls get equal compression. I looked around and found that 5327C’s hood is kind of like that: