Foam Tiles

Where can I get the foam tiles cheaper? I don’t have $230 for 40 tiles.

Home depot, sometimes Walmart, a bunch of stores sell mats similar. Are you looking to set up a field legal for competition or something to have at your workplace?

Poked around online a little bit. Seems like harbor freight sells some pretty nice foam mats that meet VEX specifications. About 90$ plus shipping for 36 tiles it would seem.


I am just looking for practice.

We use the Harbor Freight tiles, most stores have lots in stock and there are often coupons for them. When you unpack them they smell terrible, so make sure that you put them somewhere where you aren’t for a few days.

They are not the same as the VEX tiles, but have the back side without the pattern like the VEX ones and we have found them to be more than sufficient for practice. The VEX tiles are about 5/8" thick, while the HFT tiles are only 3/8" thick. Also, they aren’t the best quality and some might have small air bubbles, but nothing that really affects performance. Lastly, if you’re getting a full field, make sure to buy them all from the same case, because sometimes they can vary a little bit from different batches/suppliers which would make the seems uneven.

As mentioned elsewhere on the forum, you can purchase single tiles from

They are the right thickness.