focusing on the positive

I was reading a thread on CD today and thought it was worth linking here for others to read as we head into this years world championships. Many teams will not be going, their season is over already, and by Saturday evening only a few teams will be celebrating victory while most will be packing up and heading home without awards.

For those of you who feel disappointed with your efforts, have a read of this and then start planning for next year.

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This was a great thread to read, thanks for sharing it. I agree wholeheartedly, we are happy to have made it this far being an inexperienced team in all aspects. The fact is we usually lose not because we did poorly, but because someone did it better. All anyone can do is focus on the positive, identify and overcome the negative, and try to be a bit better next time. For those students who don’t have a next time, there is still much to be learned from the year, even if its just a lesson in humility.

I work in the air-medical field where doing post-mission debriefings is part of the culture, and when we do that after every competition we seem to solve more problems. The key point is to ALWAYS point out the positives because no matter how bad you do, there was always something that went or was done right. Never criticize a team mate without first making sure you have mentioned all of the things they do or have done right, then make sure it’s a positive constructive critique with a solution at hand.

Failure is a hard pill to swallow, but identifying our weaknesses is the only way to overcome them. Our first robot tipped over every time it attempted to score when we were in San Antonio, but we left with a smile because we knew we had built a horrible robot that could only get better.

For those who know or study civil engineering or architecture, there is no more of a solid foundation than rock bottom to build on!

In the end, if you have tried your best then you have won on many levels, even more so than those to whom winning comes without effort.

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